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Burton Park, Churchtown, Mallow

Burton Park lies a short distance to the East of Churchtown with its great castellated entrance about one hundred yards from the village square.
It is an historic family home set in the quiet village of Churchtown in North Cork.  First built in 1665, it has a long and varied history.
  Almost uniquely, it is still a family home and both its exterior and interior are intact and authentic.
It has a large courtyard at the rear, with some buildings having been converted to self catering apartments. It is also run as an organic farm, with a more modern farm yard behind the old courtyard. Other features are a tennis court and outdoor swimming pool.

Address: Burton Park, Churchtown, Mallow, Cork, Ireland
Region: North Cork
Telephone: +353 22 23134
Contact: Mrs Rosemary Ryan-Purcell
Email: rryanp@eircom.net


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