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“This is an old brick station that has been extensively renovated recently and now boasts a high tensile fabric canopy at the front of the building giving it a rather modern, Continental feel. It has 14 bus ways and a large indoor waiting area/ticket desk plus a waiting area out front.

A busy place, it is usually teaming with young people – students, musicians, school kids and backpackers as well as other travellers & locals making their way home to the outlying towns & villages. As a main station it has Inter City buses coming and going to all the other major conurbations, such as Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford plus local services both within the City and to the outlying areas. Film friendly, depending on time of day of course, it has featured in ‘Strength & Honour’ and a number of Short Films.”


Address Bus Station, Parnell Place, Cork City, Ireland
Region Cork City
Website www.buseireann.ie
Telephone +353 21 455 7101
Contact Rosena Murphy
Email Rosena.murphy@buseireann.ie