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Cape Clear Island

Cape Clear Island is Ireland’s most southerly island. It is a 45min boat trip from Baltimore or Schull in West Cork. The island is 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide and has a population of 120 persons.  It is a gaeltacht island – the first language is Irish. Because of its southerly position, the climate is milder than mainland Ireland. It is also a noted paradise for bird watchers boasting Ireland’s only manned observatory.
It’s a stunning Island and offers so many great locations it’s hard to list them all here. The Irish know it has a special atmosphere and friendliness that really makes the term ‘a place apart’ ring true.
All Photos of Cape Clear (C) Chuck Kruger

Address: Cape Clear Island, West Cork, Ireland
Region: West Cork
Telephone: +353 28 39119
Contact: Seamus O’Driscoll
Email: info@cailinoir.com


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