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Castlemartyr is a village in east County Cork in Ireland.  About 500 people live in the village with a further 2,000 in its immediate hinterland.
It is situated on the busy N25 national primary road and has an expanding network of community and sporting organisations. In August 2007 the Capella Hotel opened. It is described as Ireland’s only ‘6 star hotel’ and has brought a lot more visitors to the area in recent times. This is a highlight of the Town and a great period manor House with gardens and a golf course which are ideal for Dramas, Commercials and Stills Shoots. Castlemartyr is also a historical village with a range of sites of archaeological and socio-cultural interest, reflecting virtually every era in the country’s history and pre-history.

Address Castlemartyr, East Cork, Ireland
Region East Cork
Website https://www.castlemartyrresort.ie/



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