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“Cork must be unique in terms of having a brand new, architecturally stunning, modern airport and a quaint, old one on the very same site! The fact that the old one is closed but available for filming makes it extremely desirable for film makers as they can control their environment 100%. One can utilise the visual aspect of the new terminal and intercut dialogue scenes without the constant interruptions that all working terminals have. Even the new terminal has quiet times and is available for filming. It is also extremely close to the City (10 mins by car only) and, as it sits on the South Western edge of the City, is also perfectly placed for reaching out into West Cork, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the County.

Subject to approval on security grounds, Cork Airport welcomes filming on site; however this must be agreed with the Airport Authority in advance. Film crews of all sizes have been accommodated successfully in the past, with the Airport used on numerous occasions as a location for popular television series, films, documentaries and media coverage. A minimum of 7 working days’ notice is required for any filming project and will be subject to airport approval. Commercial fee €250.00 Per hour or part thereof at time of printing.”


Address Cork Airport, Kinsale Road, Cork
Region Cork City
Website www.corkairport.com
Telephone +353 21 432 9611
Contact Kevin Cullinane
Email Kevin.cullinane@daa.ie



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