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Cork City Hall

“The centrepiece and pride of Cork, this beautiful period building is an icon of the City and its strong, self assured aura gives a feeling of self belief to the people of the City, whether in good times or bad.
So typical of Cork, the building is not what it seems at first sight. It looks like a British built 19 Century public building in the Classical style, with its dome and dressed Limestone. However, the truth is that it is in fact very Irish and in many ways a rebuttal of British Rule! Work actually started in 1932, after the British Army destroyed the original building in 1920, and the foundation stone was laid by the founder of the Nation, Eamon De Valera. The architects were Irish & the stone is local.
Designed to exude a new self confidence it is still serving its purpose well, but as the City & its needs grew the building proved too small & a large, modern office extension was added recently to accommodate the staff.
This has not detracted from it, however, and inside it has some beautiful features, including the grand Council Chamber and a Concert Hall. A new performance space, the Millennium Hall is also a good place for shooting live or pre-recorded audience shows.
As it is the centre of local government in the City, all permissions to film have to come through here, and it’s not a bad place to start your discovery of Cork!”

Address: Cork City Hall, East Albert Quay, Cork, Ireland
Region: Cork City
Website: www.corkcity.ie


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