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Known locally as ‘The Shaky Bridge’, this structure joins Sunday’s Well Road on the Northside, to Fitzgerald’s Park on the South.

Completed in 1926 and opened in 1927, and located in one of the most picturesque locations in the City, it is a famous landmark and exudes an old world atmosphere. It was originally built to allow access from the university to the wealthy mansion houses of Sunday’s Well. This is an ideal location for shooting picturesque, romantic or historical scenes near the heart of the City.
It is the only suspension bridge in Cork city constructed primarily of wrought iron, the bridge spans 160 feet and the timber planked walkway is four and a half feet wide. The bridge takes its official name from Cork businessman James Daly, who contributed to the cost of the bridge. Its colloquial name, the ‘Shaky Bridge’, derives from the movement of the platform when running or jumping on the bridge.

Address Daly’s Bridge, Mardyke Walk, Cork
Region Cork City



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