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Drombeg Stone Circle

Drombeg is one of Ireland’s most celebrated stone circles.  Although it may not be the largest stone circle in Ireland it is set in a most magical location, surrounded by low-lying, lush hills and views of the sea.  It really is a special place and you must go and see for yourself to understand why it is so important.
The circle consists of seventeen pillar stones that are graded from the two large portal stones, each 2 metres high, at the north-east towards the recumbent stone. The pillar stones are local sandstone and the recumbent has two cup marks and what looks like an axe carving on its upper surface.
Also present at the site is a Fulacht fiadh, a communal cooking pit with a hearth. Hot stones were taken from the fire and dropped into the water trough.  Recent tests have shown they could boil seventy gallons of water in about fifteen minutes.

Address: Drombeg Stone Circle, Glandore, West Cork, Ireland
Region: West Cork


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