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Emmet Place, Cork

“The particularly photogenic Square of Emmet Place has some lovely period buildings set around a newly refurbished granite pedestrianised area, including the huge Crawford Art Gallery, the revamped Opera House with its glass front,  a refurbished Queen Ann style Townhouse and a lovely old red brick Draper’s shop. The neo-Gothic round turrets on some of the buildings give it a Dutch/German feel, which is very useful for cheating scenes.
Look around the back & it’s a very different feel altogether. Academy Street has some excellent and visually exciting examples of modern architecture, and nearby Paul St and surrounds is the heart of Bohemian Cork with its little alleyways stuffed full of cosmopolitan cafes and people.
Popular with locals & tourists alike, it has its own special vibe – people relax, chat and eat sandwiches while
youths skateboard around.All in all a chilled out space in the heart of the City and a great, diverse but compact place to film.”

Address:Emmet Place, Cork, Ireland
Region: Cork City
Website: www.corkcity.ie


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