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The Galtee Mountains or Galty Mountains are a mountain range in Munster, located in Ireland’s Golden Vale across parts of counties Limerick, South Tipperary and Cork. The name “Galtee” is thought to be a corruption of the Irish “Sléibhte na gCoillte” – “Mountains of the Forests” in English, however this Irish name has fallen out of use. The Galtees are Ireland’s highest inland mountain range, taking the form of a high ridge which rises up almost sheer from the surrounding plain. The highest peak in Galtymore which rises to 917 m (3,009 ft).
Two major periods of glaciation affected the area. The rounded summits of the Galtees were formed due to the higher parts of the Galtees being above the ice. The constant freeze-thaw action on the higher rocks gradually wore these down to form the stony, scree covered summits we have today. Glacial action also formed cirques on the higher slopes, which are now occupied by 5 corrie lakes.

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