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Glanworth Castle

For a village of its size, Glanworth preserves some remarkable monuments, the most impressive of which is the castle built by the Roches overlooking the River Funsheon, where it is now crossed by a graceful, narrow bridge of the 18th century or earlier. The kernel of the castle is a stout mid 13th century keep, almost square in plan and with walls more than 6 feet thick. On the landward side, the gatehouse of the 13th century castle was incorporated into a complex of domestic buildings, including a tall tower added in the 15th/16th century, and not far away is the long, hall like church of a Dominican priory founded in 1475, also by the Roches. Just below is a beautiful old Mill with a waterwheel. Mature gardens go down to the nearby river & the whole picture is completed with the old stone bridge.

Address: Glanworth Castle, Dominican Friary and Bridge, Cork, Ireland
Region: North Cork


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