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Gougane Barra Coillte Forest Park

Gougane barra is one of the most unique and special places in the whole of County Cork due to its incredibly beautiful setting in an ancient glacial valley hidden in the remote hillsides of West Cork. It is most famous for its tiny Church which sits on a little promontory sticking out into a pretty lake, with lush forests at low level rising quickly to dramatic barren hillsides all around. This contrast and unique setting gives Gougane a serene and spiritual feel which cannot be found anywhere else. The lake is placid most of the year and provides idyllic shots either from the shore or on the water, but in Winter can be a dramatic, almost ghostly place.
A large forest park runs right round the Northern part of the lake; a mixture of planted firs and pretty river walks at low level giving way to some wonderful untouched ancient Irish forest on the hillsides. It is a really atmospheric place and one of the best places to experience the last remains of the old Hibernian forest which used to cover the land. Images of The Hobbit spring to mind here and it is a dream location for this kind of filming as well as travel and rural scenes of course.
It is managed by Coillte (‘Kweelta’, meaning ‘forest’ in Irish), the National Forestry Commission and therefore it is well maintained with a good road running right into the middle of it with plenty of parking. Access must be sought in advance, however, as there is a barrier for vehicles at the entrance and an entrance fee normally applies. Permission to film must be agreed in advance and a permit issued, as is the case with all Coillte properties.

Distance from Cork: 1 hour 30 minutes
GPS Co-Ordinates: N51˚50.164 W009˚19.595
Address: Off the R584 Ballylickey – Ballingeary Road 10km North of Kealkil
Region: West Cork
Website: www.coillteoutdoors.ie


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