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Lough Hyne is a semi-enclosed marine lake and a very unusual and stunning location. It measures just 0.8 km by 0.6 km and it is believed that the Lough was a freshwater lake up to 4000 years ago, when a rise in sea levels joined it with the sea. It is now a highly sheltered, seawater basin connected to the North Atlantic Ocean via a narrow inlet called Barloge Creek.
A climb up Mount Knockoumah rewards with stunning views down into Lough Hyne and out to the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the last remaining ancient Hibernian forest is here. Untouched since the Ice Age it has a magical, mystical and serene atmosphere with twisted branches , hanging creepers and old tree roots all around. Shafts of light penetrate the deep shade, playing tricks on the eye & firing the imagination. Said to be home to some of Ireland’s most playful Fairies!

Address Lough Hyne, West Cork, Ireland
Region West Cork
Website www.npws.ie
Telephone +3531 888 2000
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