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A sparsely populated peninsula of outstanding rugged beauty, Mizen is Ireland’s most southerly point and at its head stands the Mizen Head Signal Station and Visitor Centre.

Beyond the town of Ballydehob, the Mizen Peninsula stretches its long finger southward through Schull, an attractive little fishing village, popular with sail boats in the summer, and on through the tiny village of Goleen. The road goes past the causeway linked island of Crookhaven and around Barley Cove Beach, a long stretch of sheltered sandy bay.

From here the road winds along before stopping at the very edge of Europe, where the Atlantic Ocean crashes onto the dramatic rocks at Mizen Head. The landscape along the way is one of wild desolate beauty and isolated nooks and crannies of craggy rocks, breathtaking sea cliffs and hideaway coves.

At the head are the Visitor Centre and Signal Station, which stands on a dramatic promontory battered by the ocean and linked to the mainland by a solid arched bridge.  The real magic of Mizen Head is the breathtaking scenery of the landscape itself and of course the knowledge that you are at the very southern tip of Ireland, with the vast swell of the Atlantic sprawled out before you.


Address Mizen Head, West Cork, Ireland
Region West Cork
Website Mizen Head



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