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Recently pedestrianised, this is the real centre of the City and unlike the ‘official’ main shopping area of Patrick St nearby it has a vibrancy and bustle that makes it very endearing as well as visually exciting. Rows of multi-coloured old style shops in a myriad of architectural styles and periods jostle with the crowds, who themselves are a mix of everything from Lawyers to schoolgirls; tourists to young mothers – all enjoying the atmosphere of an old medieval city. The GPO in the centre is a focal meeting point for many and people gather just to sit around, chat or relax in amongst the rushing crowds. The many side streets off it area all equally interesting & it has some of the best old bars in the City. You can’t, and shouldn’t, avoid it!

Address Oliver Plunkett St., Cork City, Cork, Ireland
Region Cork City
Website www.corkcity.ie



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