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Patrick Street is both the old & new showcase of the City in terms of Shopping. It hosts the biggest and best Department Stores, including the iconic ‘Brown Thomas’ (The Harrods of Ireland). All the usual European & American High St names are here, but importantly, that is not all – there are some fine old style establishments like Gentlemen’s Outfitters and the like, which keep the street interesting and quintessentially Irish. Recently refurbished for the City of Culture in 2005, the wide pavements and funky street architecture have regenerated it & put the traffic back in its place. ‘Doing Pana’ as it’s called locally, that is walking the length of Patrick Street, is essential to an in-your-face introduction to what Cork is all about and it has an international feel of a much bigger place than it actually is.

Address Patrick St., Cork City, Cork, Ireland
Region Cork City
Website www.corkcity.ie



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