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Rockmills, Kildorrey

This is a typical example of a one street North Cork settlement that established itself in the 18th Century to service the main road from Mitchelstown to Mallow. Consisting only of a traditional pub-cum-shop and a row of houses it remains pretty well authentic and intact despite the pub being turned into a home. It still retains its original features and could easily be dressed to appear open.
A good place for filming period pieces, especially involving coaches/transport. There aren’t many places left which are so untouched, so this is worth keeping in mind.

Distance from Cork: 45 minutes
GPS Co-Ordinates: N52˚13.314 W008˚24.709
Address: N73 Mitchelstown – Mallow Road, North Cork.
Region: North Cork
Website: www.mitchelstown.net/


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