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Shandon Church & Tower

“This is one of Ireland’s most famous Christian landmark and an icon of Cork. The tower can be seen from almost everywhere in the City and is probably the most photographed image of the City.
Remarkably, it is a Protestant Church, reflecting an earlier age when Cork was a prosperous Port for the British Empire and the well-to-do resided here due to its proximity to the original docks below. A medieval network of narrow streets surround it, some of them the oldest in the City, and adjacent is another famous landmark, the Butter Market.  The golden fish atop the spire is actually a salmon, co It is built with two types of stone, red sandstone from the original Shandon castle which stood nearby and limestone taken from the derelict Franciscan Abbey which stood on the North Mall.

As you approach Shandon, from all directions, you will see both coloured stone of red/white and such is the affection that Shandon holds in the hearts of the citizens of Cork that they designated both colours to represent the City.”
Address: Shandon Church & Tower, Church St., Shandon, Cork
Region: Cork City
Website: www.shandonbells.ie
Telephone: +353 21 450 5906
Contact: Marissa O’Mahony
Email: info@shandonbells.ie


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