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Sherkin Island (from the Irish Inis Earcáin) lies southwest of County Cork alongside other islands of Roaringwater Bay. It has an average population of 100 people, measures 3 miles long by 1.5 miles wide (5 km by 3 km). The island has a primary school, two pubs with a hotel, B&B, community centre and a church. Although very close to the mainland (10 mins in the ferry) when you step off it’s like going back 100 years in time. Little laneways for roads, wildflower meadows and spectacular coves abound.
Sherkin has its own special character. A West Cork anecdote has it that Sherkin’s residents live off their art: island craft, paintings and book writing all inspired by Sherkin’s tranquil lifestyle. The busiest season starts with school summer holidays when people with young families visit the island.

Address Sherkin Island, West Cork, Ireland
Region West Cork
Website www.sherkinisland.eu
Telephone +353 87 766 9657
Contact Dan O’Reilly
Email dhreilly@hotmail.com




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