Cork has hosted many feature films, shorts, TV mini-series, documentaries, music videos and workshops of all budget scales.


Snap (2010) //

Début feature from renowned Cork writer-director, Carmel Winters. This often-scathing meller begins with a documentary crew invading the home of Sandra who has agreed to be interviewed despite her caustic tongue and what seems like a burning desire to antagonize the filmmakers. She is one angry woman: sometime in the very recent past, her teenage son kidnapped a toddler and created a national panic/sensation. Both Stephen and Sandra have become public enemies, with Sandra having been all but crucified, made into the kind of media scapegoat tabloid readers love to loathe. Produced by Marina Niland for Samson Films.

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Secrets of the Irish Landscape (2013-14) //

In this major award-winning three part series, part of the RTÉ Goes Wild season, Derek Mooney follows in the footsteps of one of Ireland’s greatest unsung scientists, Robert Lloyd Praeger. Directed & Produced by Colm Crowley for RTE Cork.

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The Fear (2014) //

The Fear is back for a third season. Storming across Ireland with their hidden camera visiting Dublin, Galway, Cork, Laois and Kerry the show will feature plenty more pranks and generally spreading of The Fear…

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I Went Down (1997) //

After serving an eighteen-month sentence for breaking and entering, Git Hynes walks into trouble on the day of his release from jail. Hilarious comedy starring the sublime Brendan Gleeson and Peter McDonald.  Directed by Paddy Breathnach and produced by Robert Walpole.

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