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“This is a vast and intriguing site above the River Lee, which covers some 53 acres and comprises numerous fascinating period buildings, including two ‘Hospitals’, (actually St Kevin’s the red building & Eglinton Lunatic Asylum the grey building), 4 ruined churches and a host of ancillary buildings. Joined by a tunnel, the Asylum complex is said to be the longest building in Ireland ( almost 1 mile!) some say in Europe – and is truly awesome, despite now being partly derelict and forlorn. Partly converted into flats, the majority sits derelict; brooding and dark – a testament to its terrible history.
Used as a backdrop, however, it is visually stunning and ‘Harry Potteresque’ in style and size. Potentially an amazing filming location for Horrors etc.
The interior is derelict and not accessible to film crews, but this may change in future when development plans start again. Permission should be sought from both the HSE as landowners & the residents in the apartments.”

Address Our Lady’s Hospital Complex, Cok City, Ireland
Region Cork City
Website www.hse.ie
Telephone +353 21 492 7212
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